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3D Printing Podcast – A Discussion With A CFO On Teams That Work

3d printing podcast

Liten to Ann Diddlebock speak on teams that work. Get her perspective as a CFO and enjoy! We borrow this podcast from our friend at International Toolkit

3D Printing Podcast – When Building A Marketing Network, How Do You Convince People To Join It?

3d printing billboard

How do you get people to join your marketing network? Kari Gillenwater explains you need to give, to get! Check out this quick 3D Printing Podcast.

3D Printing Podcast – A Discussion With Kari About Marketing Networks


A great way for 3D Printing companies to gain markets is to build a network. Listen to Kari Gillenwater, of Gillenwater Consulting Group talk about why she thinks marketing networks are important.

3D Printing Podcast – Xometry Speaks On Outsourced 3D Printing – And Avoiding 3D Printing Problems


How to choose? How to 3D Print? Why would Xometry be able to help a firm by being an outsourced 3D Printing bureau? Are there advantages to using a service bureau in general?

Speak directly to Greg Paulsen by finding him at

The Future Of 3D Printing By Xometry’s Own Greg Paulsen


Listen to Greg Paulsen of Xometry speak about his view of the future of 3D Printing! What is in store for us 3D Printing enthusiasts?

3D Printing Podcast – Discussion With Autodesk, Part 1

Listen to the experts at Autodesk discuss 3D printing, the direction they are heading and the unusual play in the market!

3D Printing Podcast – What Do Firms Do About Intellectual Property Theft In 3D Printing?

Is theft of IP a big deal in 3D Printing? With 3D Scanning and the ability to print anything, this is something firms need to be aware of. Check out this 3D Printing Podcast and listen!

3D Printing Podcast – Does 3D Printing Come To Luxury Fashion Brands?

3d printing people

Check out this 3D Printing podcast and listen to how luxury brands are adopting 3D Printing!

3D Printing Podcast – What About 3D Printing Materials?

are safer materials happening with 3D Printing? Check out this quick podcast and see what the debate is. The 3D Printing Podcast is the official podcast of the 3D Printing industry

3D Printing Podcast – Can We Use Safer Materials For 3D Printing?

Can we use safer materials for 3D Printing? Speak with people from the Association of 3D Printing and listen!

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