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Will Labor Unions Allow 3D Printing- Will 3D Printing Cost Jobs

Will Labor Unions allow 3D Printing Technology? This one minute podcast debates whether or not 3D Printing technology will take over and take jobs

3D Printing Podcast- Worried About the Government

This is another one minute podcast talking about the government role in 3D Printing

Will 3D Printing Produce Quality Pieces- Or is it All Plastic Junk  Here we discuss the quality of 3D Printed goods. A one minute podcast to help you sort out the world of 3d Printing technology


Additive Manufacturing Podcast- People Won’t Wait for 3D Printed Pieces

Will people be patient enough to use a 3D printer to print what they need?  Here is the one minute Podcast Josh says “no.”

Will 3D Printing Replace the Assembly Line- Quick Radio Show

Here Josh argues that 3d Printing will not replace the assembly line in traditional manufacturing. Can he be correct?

3D Printing Podcast-Americans Don’t Want to Manufacture In this quick podcast, Josh talks about how Americans don’t manufacture and don’t want to manufacture! Is he right?

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