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3D Printing Podcast – Discussion With Autodesk, Part 1

Listen to the experts at Autodesk discuss 3D printing, the direction they are heading and the unusual play in the market!

3D Printing Podcast – Does 3D Printing Come To Luxury Fashion Brands?

3d printing people

Check out this 3D Printing podcast and listen to how luxury brands are adopting 3D Printing!

3D Printing Podcast – What About 3D Printing Materials?

are safer materials happening with 3D Printing? Check out this quick podcast and see what the debate is. The 3D Printing Podcast is the official podcast of the 3D Printing industry

3D Printing Podcast and Staples – Are They In 3D Printing?

staples 3d printing

Here is a quick podcast which discusses how staples has entered the 3D Printing marketplace

3D Printing Book Discussion – Chapters In How To 3D Print Money

Here is quick interview about the book How to 3D Print Money. In it a couple of chapters are discussed. The interview is light and quick!

The book is available for download here

This book is also available at Amazon.com