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3D Printing Lets You Be an Insole Maker-

Custom Insoles can be bought now. But you can also make them! With Sols’ new technology, you can build insoles for other people and start your own business. Check out this quick podcast and find out how you can use this 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing Demand- Do We Really Need 3D Printing

Is there a demand for 3D Printing? Listen to this funny 1 minute podcast and see what we think!

Will 3D Printing Work for Everyone- Is 3D Printing Too Technical

Here is a one minute podcast about 3d Printing and whether it is too technical for everyone to use

The Voice of the 3d Printing Industry

Welcome to the future. The Association of 3d Printing wants this be your resource to hear podcasts about the Industry. We will keep them light, informative and entertaining.

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