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3D Printing Podcast – A Discussion With A CFO On Teams That Work

3d printing podcast

Liten to Ann Diddlebock speak on teams that work. Get her perspective as a CFO and enjoy! We borrow this podcast from our friend at International Toolkit

3D Printing Podcast – When Building A Marketing Network, How Do You Convince People To Join It?

3d printing billboard

How do you get people to join your marketing network? Kari Gillenwater explains you need to give, to get! Check out this quick 3D Printing Podcast.

3D Printing Podcast – 3D Printing Industry Trends

3d trends

There have been some meteoric rises in the 3d Printing Industry. But a couple of problems persist:

Lack of a Single Defining Application

Historically, personal computers became ubiquitous through their productivity applications. Investment in personal computers became a tangible benefit due to the presence of productivity applications, such as VisiCalc and Word. 2D paper-based printers enabled similar efficiencies. Such applications are conspicuously absent in 3D printers. Their use has remained confined to a niche audience of hobbyists enthralled by the future possibilities of the technology.

Within the mainstream market, 3D printers are mainly used to prototype models for designers and body parts for medical students. The materials commonly used for 3D printing—PLA and ABS, both plastics—and imperfections of the technology make it difficult for average consumers to print useful or complex objects. But that is all changing…

Quality and Material Issues in Manufacturing

3D printing holds much promise in manufacturing. For starters, it can enable crafting of custom products in an easy and cost-effective manner. Secondly, it can shorten supply chain cycles by collapsing multiple product manufacturing processes into a fewer number of steps. But, 3D printing’s limited consumer use is mirrored in the manufacturing sector. According to a report by consulting firm PriceWaterhouse Cooper, only 0.9% of surveyed companies used 3D printing for production of final products or components.

3D Printing Podcast – 3D Printing Is Plastics and the 3D Printing Industry Will Use Plastic

3d printing with plastic

How much 3D Printing involves plastic?

How does plastics effect the 3D Printing industry?

Hear Jillian Schwam, one of the country’s leading plastics professionals give her thoughts on plastics and the 3D Printing Industry. Learn more about the 3D Printing Industry by joining the largest 3D Printing Trade Association.