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3D Printed Lawyers- Not Really But 3D Printing Law Firms Will Emerge

Are there 3D Printed Lawyers? Of course not. But there will be many law firms, ad agencies, PR firms and other service providers that emerge as 3D Printing experts. How can they do it?



3D Printing Podcast- Is Market Research Worthwhile

This one minute podcast looks at whether or not market research really helps in the new 3D Printing industry. Funny and Free

Is 3D Printing Too Expensive-Can We Afford It

This one minute podcast examines whether or not we need 3D Printing technology at all

3D Printing Demand- Do We Really Need 3D Printing

Is there a demand for 3D Printing? Listen to this funny 1 minute podcast and see what we think!

Conference Attendees Get Free Marketing Support-Inside 3D Printing Conference

3-D Printing Event

Join Inside 3D Printing in San Jose this September 17-18. Save 15% on your full conference with our code: CHANNEL when you Register Here.

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3D Printing Channel to Participate at the Inside 3D Printing Conference

3D Printing Channel

In this one minute episode, Josh briefly explains the upcoming 3D Printing conference, and what the 3D Printing Channel will offer participants.




Will Labor Unions Allow 3D Printing- Will 3D Printing Cost Jobs

Will Labor Unions allow 3D Printing Technology? This one minute podcast debates whether or not 3D Printing technology will take over and take jobs

3D Printing Podcast- Will Intellectual Property Owners Get Paid

In this one minute Podcast we explore if intellectual property owners will lose money if 3D Printing Diagrams are available on the Internet

This Podcast is also available on iTunes!

3D Printing Radio Podcast- Are 3D Printing Files Too Big

Here is a question to debate: Are the files too big (take up too much memory) in 3D Printing? Will we need special storage devices to use these files?