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3D Printing Podcast – Episode 3 With Autodesk


Gonzalo Martinez, Director of Strategic Research in the office of the CTO at Autodesk, gives an interesting interview about his firm’s play in 3D Printing. Hear the 3rd episode with Autodesk. Open Source is Autodesk’s new play in the 3D Printing Space. They want to disrupt the industry a bit in the process! Mr. Martinez shares his insights with us on 3D Printing and thoughts about the future of the 3D Printing Industry.

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3D Printing Podcast Radio Show – SME

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Enjoy the 3D Printing Podcast Featuring SME executives, Kevin Ayers, Industry Manager over Additive Manufacturing and 3D Technology and Jeannine Kunz, Managing Director, SME is a professional organization for individuals, students, educators and companies involved in manufacturing.

Is 3D Printing an educational opportunity? Is there a workforce problem created with 3D Printing?

SME is on top of this industry. It’s almost as though they read the 3D Printing Book