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3D Printing Podcast Radio Program – 3D Printing Changing Fashion

3d printing fashion

Will 3D Printing change the fashion industry?

Listen to Bill & Josh talk about 3D Printing disrupting the entire fashion industry.

The 3D Printing Podcast is the Official Podcast of the Association of 3D Printing.


3D Printing Podcast – Fashion and 3D Printing Technology

3d fashion models

3D Printing is so entering the fashion business, that the Jerusalem Post even covered it in this story:

….Danit Peleg, a 27-year-old designer from Tel Aviv who graduated from Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in August, says her 3D collection envisaged a world where people would be able to download their favorite t-shirt and print it at home at the “click of a button….”

3D Printing Podcast – Episode 3 With Autodesk


Gonzalo Martinez, Director of Strategic Research in the office of the CTO at Autodesk, gives an interesting interview about his firm’s play in 3D Printing. Hear the 3rd episode with Autodesk. Open Source is Autodesk’s new play in the 3D Printing Space. They want to disrupt the industry a bit in the process! Mr. Martinez shares his insights with us on 3D Printing and thoughts about the future of the 3D Printing Industry.

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3D Printing Business Podcast – Interview With Autodesk


This is an interesting interview with Gonzalo Martinez, Director of Strategic Research in the office of the CTO at Autodesk.

The significance of Autodesk is the fact that they are currently the largest company in the United States, and perhaps even the world that is producing a 3D printer. Earlier this year the company, known for their C A D software, unveiled details on their upcoming SLA 3D printer, aimed towards consumers and small businesses. Why this matters, is that overnight the large 3D printing companies, suddenly found themselves competing with an enormous company (in some cases, more than twice as large as them). This will do two things in helping to spur on R&D into the space.

3D Printing Podcast Interview With Staples – Largest Office Products Retailer’s Plans In 3D Printing Services

Staples on line

3D Printing Podcast interviews Chris Demeo, Vice President of Sales and Promotions at Staples. Staples is making all kinds of news.

3D Printing Podcast – Do 3D Printers Use Toxic Material? Will 3D Printing Get Safer?

Are 3D Printers using safe materials?

And, what exactly is “safe” anyway..?
If we eliminate the obvious, the fact that the belts and motors can pinch a finger as well as a heater block operating at 200+c will definitely burn you, we are left with the one unknown.  That is of any hazardous fumes and odors that may be emitted by heating the plastics.  We not only can’t see these gasses, but most of us don’t have a device at hand to make a measurement.

3D Printing Book – Amazon and Book Retailers Need A Hard Cover Book

How to 3D Print Money

How to 3D Print Money is in hardcover also. Why do authors need an Ebook and a hardcover edition? Here the authors explain in a funny way why How to 3D Print Money needs to be printed. Firms like and other book retailers want both versions. This is a funny but useful tip for all ebook authors

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