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Is Big Data Useful in 3D Printing?

3d printing radio

This 3D printing podcast asks: What is the best way to protect my 3D Printing Data? This is the type of work the 3D Printing Association deals with every day.


3D Printing Career Advice – Bad Interview Questions We’ve Been Asked

bad job interview

3D Printing Career Advice? Best advice we can give you is to get the 3D Printing MBA. But for now, check out these bad interview questions we’ve been asked….


3D Printing Radio Podcast – UPS Store Discusses Unusual Things They Have 3D Printed in the UPS Stores

UPS 3D Printing

In this podcast let’s talk to Daniel Remba, the Small Business Technology Leader at the UPS Store.

Here I ask him about what the UPS Store does as far as printing unusual items! This is a fun and informative podcast.

Learn more about 3D Printing at the Association of 3D Printing


3D Printing Podcast – Do 3D Printers Use Toxic Material? Will 3D Printing Get Safer?

Are 3D Printers using safe materials?

And, what exactly is “safe” anyway..?
If we eliminate the obvious, the fact that the belts and motors can pinch a finger as well as a heater block operating at 200+c will definitely burn you, we are left with the one unknown.  That is of any hazardous fumes and odors that may be emitted by heating the plastics.  We not only can’t see these gasses, but most of us don’t have a device at hand to make a measurement.

3D Printing Podcast – Valuing 3D Printing Websites

3d printing shares

Valuing 3D Printing Websites is quite a challenge. In this podcast we argue whether you can accurately value a 3d printing site, or whether it is simply worth what the buyer will pay.

3D Printing Book – Rust Explains US Manufacturing

How to 3D Print Money

From the Book:



The Japanese rust-makers couldn’t understand why there was even a delegation. “We make better rust than you, your consumers want our rust. Our consumers don’t want your rust. Why are you bothering us? You don’t even bother to make the rust we like! You even label your rust in English? You don’t speak a word of our language and have done no research on our market!”

While we were losing American rust jobs, the Japanese were retooling their factories so that they can make more rust without labor. The Japanese factories started using rust robots to make this rust. While the Americans were blaming low-priced Japanese rust labor, the Japanese felt this argument was incorrect. Japanese rust-makers actually earned more than their American counterparts. And the Japanese released a figure saying 55% of the industries in Japan paid their workers more than American factories paid. Cheap labor may have opened the door, but low-cost labor as a market advantage has a shelf life.

But once again, the American rust people didn’t see the trend. They didn’t realize that the Japanese would themselves begin to outsource to lower-cost producing countries…..”

3D Printing Podcast – Authors of 3D Printing Book Joke

3D Printing Money

Here Bill makes fun of Josh’s writing.  See for yourself at and decide who’s writing is better!

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