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3D Printing Podcast With Oliver Sanidas Of Arapahoe Libraries


Here is a quick 3D Printing podcast which talks about a brand (libraries) using 3D Printing to update the firm! And did you know you can go to a library and find a 3D Printer?

Oliver Can be reached here for more questions.

Start Up Tips Audiobook for 3D Printing Entrepreneurs

business tips

3D Printing Entrepreneurs and 3D Printing Conglomerates are all businesses that can benefit from these words of advice. One of our founders has compiled this list of business 1-liners, and put them in an audiobook. They are being offered to you listeners free of charge (also downloadable on iTunes or Google Play). More 3D Printing education can be found at

3D Printing Podcast Features Part 2 With UPS Store on 3D Printing

UPS 3D Printing

3D Printing News: Following the successful launch of 3D print in six markets across the country, The UPS Store® has expanded 3D printing services to meet the growing demands of its small business customers to nearly 100 additional locations nationwide.

In this podcast let’s talk to Daniel Remba, the Small Business Technology Leader at the UPS Store. Here I ask him about what the UPS Store does with a 3D Printing novice.

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3D Printing Podcast Interview With SME Executives, Part 3

SME Logo

This 3D Printing Podcast takes a different turn as we put our friends at SME “on the spot” a little bit. evin Ayers, Industry Manager over Additive Manufacturing and 3D Technology and Jeannine Kunz, Managing Director, SME is a professional organization for individuals, students, educators and companies involved in manufacturing.

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Staples 3D Printing Podcast Part 3, Small Business Benefits From 3D Printing

staples 3d printing

Staples, once again is our guest on this “three peat” podcast. Here Chris Demeo, Vice President of Sales and Promotions at Staples speaks not only about Staples but also how small business in general can benefit from using 3D Printing. Chris does a great job of explaining Staples’ role and having fun at the same time. Enjoy!

3D Printing Podcast Interview – FormLabs Discussion at 3D Printing Conference

3d printing billboard

3D Printing Podcast interview with Ryan at Formlabs. We spoke to Ryan at the latest 3D Printing Conference about his firm’s 3D Printers and free software. This is a forward thinking company that has a lot to talk about as far as the 3D Printing Industry goes.

Interesting 3D Printing Store idea, for sure

From the Formlabs site:
“That details matter when you design and engineer a product and that effort is wasted if it doesn’t improve the customer experience. That you should love working with your team. That people can manage their own schedule and get their work done. That work should be a passion, not a job.”

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3D Printing Podcast From the 3D Printing Conference

3D Printing Interview with Ms. Rebecca Swensen of Spaceclaim. She briefly discusses her 3D Printing Software and the ease of use that the clients have mentioned.

As a matter of fact, she trained herself on how to use it!  The company line: “The 3D direct modeling software for non-CAD experts that’s easy to use, interoperable, and fast.”

Listen to Rebecca as she discusses her 3D Printing Software.


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3-D Printing Event

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3D Printing Channel to Participate at the Inside 3D Printing Conference

3D Printing Channel

In this one minute episode, Josh briefly explains the upcoming 3D Printing conference, and what the 3D Printing Channel will offer participants.