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3D Printing Podcast Interview – Kegan Schouwenburg, Founder of Sols

3D Printing Podcast welcomes Kegan Schouwenburg, Founder of Sols in a fun interview. Kegan gives her views of the 3D Printing Industry as a whole. From the Sols website:

Our 100% digital process captures and stores a detailed foot scan before visualizing the product, and prescription, in real time. With SOLS, you will experience increased accuracy, improved comfort, and consistent quality. SOLS are made to order from ultra flexible, anti-microbial nylon, & dyed the color of your choice.

3D Printing Lets You Be an Insole Maker-

Custom Insoles can be bought now. But you can also make them! With Sols’ new technology, you can build insoles for other people and start your own business. Check out this quick podcast and find out how you can use this 3D Printing Technology

3D Printed Insoles- Coming to A Sneaker Near You

3D Printed Insoles coming to a sneaker near you. In 2 or 3 days your foot pain is cured. Not 6 weeks. Not 6 months. An old problem that tens of millions of people have is now solved with 3D Printing technology.  Find out more about Joel and his firm at