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Big Data Worries? 3D Printing Problems? The Two Work Together.

3d printing radio

3D Printing Firms are now in the cross hairs of Big Data. Who owns that data, who steals that data and how do we protect ourselves from Big 3D Printing Data theft?

Will 3D Printing Prevent Knock Offs? Or Can it Be Used to Make Knock Offs?

Here is a podcast borrowed from International Toolkit. It seemed right to broadcast it here because it, too, pertains to 3D Printing. It features David Weil from the Export Zoo.

Staples 3D Printing Podcast – 3D Printing Services and Intellectual Property Issues in 3D Printing

staples 3d printing

3D Printing Podcast interviews Chris Demeo, Vice President of Sales and Promotions at Staples. He handles some pretty pervasive questions about 3D Printing Intellectual Property conflicts and how Staples handles this controversial issue.

It seems that Staples has been dealing with this issue long before 3D Printing technology hit the masses.


3D Printing Audio Podcast – 3D Printing Interview With Solid Concepts

solid concepts diagram

3D Printing Interview with Eric of Solid Concepts. Solid Concepts is a seven-facility company with project management and engineering expertise. Prototyping and low-volume production of plastic and metal components directly from design data is easily achieved with our broad selection of technologies and materials.

Additional capabilities in tooling and injection molding make Solid Concepts your one-stop source to bring your concept from prototype to finished product ready for market.

This could be a great tool for firms wishing to do 3D printing and development, without the overhead.


3D Printing Radio Show – Sample Audio 3D Printing Book

This is a sample of How to 3D Print Money in audio form. We will be producing the entire volume shortly, but here is the introduction and first chapter. The 3D Printing Book is already available in Ebook and Hardcover form

3D Printed Lawyers- Not Really But 3D Printing Law Firms Will Emerge

Are there 3D Printed Lawyers? Of course not. But there will be many law firms, ad agencies, PR firms and other service providers that emerge as 3D Printing experts. How can they do it?



3D Printing Podcast- Will Intellectual Property Owners Get Paid

In this one minute Podcast we explore if intellectual property owners will lose money if 3D Printing Diagrams are available on the Internet

This Podcast is also available on iTunes!