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3D Printing Podcast – A Discussion With Kari About Marketing Networks


A great way for 3D Printing companies to gain markets is to build a network. Listen to Kari Gillenwater, of Gillenwater Consulting Group talk about why she thinks marketing networks are important.

Is Big Data Useful in 3D Printing?

3d printing radio

This 3D printing podcast asks: What is the best way to protect my 3D Printing Data? This is the type of work the 3D Printing Association deals with every day.


3D Printing and Big Data – This 3D Printing Podcast Marries Two Industries

3d printing billboard

This 3D Printing Podcast talks about Big Data and how it relates to the 3D Printing Industry. Here we speak to a leading business intelligence expert on Big Data

3D Printing Podcast- Is Market Research Worthwhile

This one minute podcast looks at whether or not market research really helps in the new 3D Printing industry. Funny and Free

3D Printing Demand- Do We Really Need 3D Printing

Is there a demand for 3D Printing? Listen to this funny 1 minute podcast and see what we think!

Will Labor Unions Allow 3D Printing- Will 3D Printing Cost Jobs

Will Labor Unions allow 3D Printing Technology? This one minute podcast debates whether or not 3D Printing technology will take over and take jobs

3D Printing Radio Podcast- Are 3D Printing Files Too Big

Here is a question to debate: Are the files too big (take up too much memory) in 3D Printing? Will we need special storage devices to use these files?