Will 3D Printing Produce Quality Pieces- Or is it All Plastic Junk

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  • john cooper says:

    Man is he off base. Not only is 3D printing going to catch on, but the new “honey do” list in the 21st century
    will be your wife telling you to clean the litter box, take out the trash, and oh by the way can you replicate some replacement parts for the dishwasher…

    However, we will know that 3D printing is taking off when someone uploads a copy of a part covered by a patent and is sued for patent infringement.

  • john cooper says:

    Remember the movie “The Graduate”? “Plastics”. That hasn’t changed..
    3D printing ,in a way, is like what high speed internet was when everyone used dial up modems back in the day. When I finished my residency I selected the town I live in because it was an early adopter of cable internet. I used to tell my friends, “you got to get cable internet…”. People were just like “my modem is just fine”. It isn’t until you have the technology that you develop your particular needs. Can you imagine using dial up today.
    I wouldn’t even be writing this comment.

  • I’ve never heard anyone say “It’s all plastic junk.” (Of course Josh Jacobson is playing the devil’s advocate.) However, I have heard people voice doubts about whether 3D printing can surpass subtractive manufacturing in terms of resolution, durability, speed, economies of scale, etc. Most people seem to agree that at the moment at least, the best use is for making quick prototypes.

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